Sunday, January 01, 2012

Scottish Screen Archive - Full record for 'IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING'

Scottish Screen Archive - Full record for 'IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING'

Fascinating. All the work is done by hand, even the shearing, which is really plucking. I didn't know sheep's wool was taken that way; I'd only seen shearing.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beautiful Bride

So I did it..I knitted a wedding cake, complete with bride and groom. And it was very nearly perfect! I used the Alan Dart pattern from a spring Simply Knitting magazine, and actually followed the directions, made gauge swatches (I know, it was raining frogs) and used the yarn called for. These events will likely never take place again in my lifetime. However, it turned out cute as could be, and I am extremely proud of my little project.

I did omit the edging that goes over the seam between the cake and the plate, but my seam was pretty darn nice, if I do say so myself, and it looked okay without it. I was not excited about knitting about a mile of shell edging and stuffing it as I went, plus I ran out of time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I will be here when you are ready to roll with the changes

Wow, what a great 48th birthday I had last Saturday! Becca made my favorite breakfast casserole, usually reserved only for Christmas morning, and served me breakfast in bed. Scott and I took off about 11:00 and spent the day touring Yadkin River Valley wineries, most notably Divine Llama Vineyards. There are about 3 dozen llamas there, but only three were out to play. The rest were lazing in the shade of the barn, which was down the road from the tasting room. Really good wines, really beautiful site, wonderful friendly was great! We visited a couple of others before we started home, but that was the best. I wanted to have a wine flight with lunch or dinner, but the two nearby wineries with restaurants were unavailable that day, one for a wedding, the other under mysterious circumstances that nobody could explain. What was that? Anyhow, we stopped at Outback in Salisbury and picked up dinner to have with one of the yummy bottles of Divine Llama Cabernet Franc. And Becca baked a Deep Dark Chocolate Cake, which is one of my very favorites. What a perfect day!

On the fiber front, I wanted to post some pictures of my baby blanket, which missed the baby shower entirely and still isn't in the mail. :( Gotta get that done! I have almost finished one of Annette's entrelac socks, and am working on the million pieces of a secret project (just in case the friend finds this blog!) that is a very special gift for that friend. Pics and details later...

I hate that these are so dark, but I really don 't have anyplace in my house with really good light for photos!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

One down, hundreds to go....

I finally finished the Beauty Baby Blanket, and it turned out so pretty! I really love this colorway in lace patterns. It's "BabyGirl" Encore--long repeats of pink, lavender, yellow, pale coral, and a bit of white. Really, really pretty. In the Chalice pattern, it turned out gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

I'm all revved today, getting ready to go to Asheville and see my knitsisters. I'm taking my local knitsister with me, and her two girls, who are sweet as pie and loads of fun. There's Earth Guild in my future, and Lord knows what else. Lots of shopping, lots of fiber stuff, and lots and lots of girlfriend love! I can't wait. The workday seems soooooo long, just biding time till I can get on the road.

To sad Lenore can't be with us.....but next time she will! On the needles: Annabell's Entrelac Socks from the Holiday 2008 Interweave. In a colorway that reminds me of the ocean in the Caymans...yummy!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Number Nine, Number Nine....

I have been looking for years for the pattern for "Frida", beautifully knit and modeled by Wendy Knits on her website. That pattern has been out of print for years, and nobody seemed to know where I could get a copy. Then KABOOM! after yet another of my random posts on Ravelry whining pitifully about how much I needed that pattern, a wonderful wonderful knitter found a webpage with a copy in stock. That I could order for cheap. That could arrive in about a week. Not that I'm going to cast on anytime soon, but just to have the pattern for which I have lusted so long!!! I am fulfilled.

The baby blanket chugs along. I am tired of the pattern. I want to make entrelac socks, which will be a gift for a dear friend for her birthday, an amazement in itself because I am famous for forgetting birthdays. I really would like to be on the ball this year, but I fear it may not happen.
Since I haven't begun the socks, they will likely miss her birthday, and I won't even have the chance to give her a half-finished sock in a gift box. :(

Life straggles along..............

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Carolina Alpaca Festival was held this past weekend, and I am pleased to say that I was able to attend. I want to be able to say that I never missed a single one! I didn't buy much--a pair of crocheted gauntlets for Bec, a hank of Thai silk the color of spring sunshine, and a hank of boucle wool that is a lovely blend of olive, teal, and cream (sounds fugly--looks beautiful!) I believe it wants to be a scarf for my girl, to go with her winter coat. The silk? It needs to be mine for awhile till it decides what to be. Probably crocheted, probably a shawl/scarf/stole.

My wonderful companions, Jane & co., Bec and Gretchen, were kind enough to let me view every single alpaca in the entire barn. They were all so cute, I wanted to take them all home. Jane is going to send me some pictures; I'll post one then.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Man, I have no discipline for blogging, apparently. I have done a bunch of knitting, and even have a few pictures, but I haven't kept any of it!

I am still working on Colin's sweater, started back at the end of October, totally frogged twice, and re-started with steady progress since Christmas. I am also actively knitting a pair of gauntlets for him, but since he is so tall, it takes a while (and a couple of balls of Mission Falls 1824 wool apiece!)

I did finish a ski hat (I will try to post a picture--I heard there is one somewhere), and some socks, and a pair or two of fingerless mitts. Lots of stuff that was started and relegated to the frog pond during the big stash reorg last month.